Ochusjob, Chiapas, Chariot 1982 photo by Antonio Turok


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Rides For Sale

1. Tower of Giraffes Balancoire: $6,500. Can be found in Ice Cream Stores. Rocks smoothly back and forth, food and drinks remain on table as the whole gondola safely glides. Very soothing and comfortable. Cherrywood benches, maple table, canopy with tassles. Also shown below are two bench balancoires, one on the right is made of redwood for exterior use.

elevated girls on blncr

arcada scoop
new fir bench at elevatedredwoodbench

2. Dollar-Bill-Operated Galloping Humpback Whale Ride: $5,000. Sister rides include Buffalo, Frog, Rabbit and Horse.
humpback galloping mechanism
elevated buffalofroggie ride

3. Fifteen Rider Portable Carousel, Trailer Mounted: $35,000. Carrys children and adults, has 8 animals, 1 double chariot, 5 swing seats, ring catching game, new sunbrella canopy, electric motor and hand crank, music system. Great running simple machine that kids love to ride all day long.

pirate with ringsmgr 8 horse
girl cranking
frog and olyvecanopy
girls on swan for rings

4. 15 Rider Mechanism: $25,000. Wooden Centerpole, Animals and Chariot Great classic ride.