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Your donation makes it possible to share carousel magic with children and adults in places that need help through the Port Townsend Carousel Association. The PTCA is a charitable organization recognized by the Dentzel Carousel Company as having some similar goals. It is not directly affiliated with the DCC although their similar projects and goals establishing small carousels in communities require similar appreciation and skills.

The PTCA is a federally recognized 501(c)3 not for profit charitable educational foundation. Many hundreds of hours of classroom time in the public schools working with students on a wide range of skills and knowledge in the arts of the carousel have been shared with 12th graders as well as Kindergartners and all grades in between. This includes; simple scenic panel painting, wood carving, wood milling, machining, wood and metal fabrication, animal painting, stenciling, designing, stenciling, carousel history ranging back to the first millinium, and more. Several whole carousels have been built in the shop class venue and set-up in various locations; Davis CA, Waveland MS, etc.

Your donation to the PTCA will help it continue its programs of sharing carousel knowledge and skills and setting up carousels in small communities or neighborhoods. Contact William H. Dentzel if you would like to donate to an existing project or establish a new project. Cell number 360-531-2812 or email at