Dentzel Carousel Coloring Book


Page 3 - Rabbit

Page 12 - Horse


Page 13 - Horse

Page 23 - Reindeer

  • History Buffs: Read four part Dentzel Carousel Company Story.
  • Drawings can be scaled up for graphic/wood working projects. View Carousel Animal Construction to see techniques for making any scale template for your carousel animal or other art.

    On each page find:

    1. Story Page link; a must-visit read. Great prose by Nick Dalett, former Port Townsend resident now lost in Seattle, you'll virtually find him on Linkedin, maybe. You'll find the factual history of each animal bravely mixed with masterful mythology, such that the line between truth and fiction is perfectly blurred to all but the most astutely informed. Take the challenge!

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Restored works of Nickus Dallettus I. Raconteur and prevaricator comique par excellence.
You will enjoy his witty dialogs on the Dentzel menagerie animals.

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