Horse 12

This outside row stander has been attributed to Daniel Muller. Notice that it is carved slightly different than the standard Dentzel horses. Mr. Muller was a close associate of the Dentzels, he and his brother Alfred were actually household members when they were boys and grew up in the Dentzel shop. Later on they went on their own, making animals, mainly horses, for carousel mechanism manufacturers such as the Dentzels, P.T.C., Long, T.M. Harton and others. After some years on their own they returned to the Dentzel shop where they continued to carve until the shop closed with William H. Dentzel II's death in 1928. Although little has been said of the earlier Muller years, one can be assured that they got a good stiff upbringing while living with the Dentzels, the style of child raising in those days was very similar to wood carving, you kept the kid in a vise and pounded on him or her with chisels and mallets. As rough as this may seem to us in the 21st century, the children of those days thrived on that type of molding and shaping, it made many of the strong individuals which molded and shaped the early stages of our modern world. Today, many of them are high up in the sky floating on big clouds alongside the space shuttles trying to tell the astronauts to pull the modern world's breaker switch and bring things to a halt for a while so that they can hear the birds and rivers up there in the clouds again. It must be noted, there was no mention of stopping the band organ (or accordion) music from being played down here on earth while everything else in the modern world has come to a screeching halt, these can operate on pure elbow grease alone which is totally bio-degradable.

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