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About: Dentzel Carousel Company headquarters is in Port Townsend, WA. Carouselmaking has occupied the Dentzel family since the early 1800's. One of America's first carousels was built by Michael Dentzel and his sons in Germany. Michael sent his sons with the carousel to Philidelphia in the 1850's. The Dentzel Carousel Company flourished until William H. Dentzel 1 died in 1928. The company was revived in the 1960's by William H. Dentzel 2 who produced small fiberglass carousels then carried on from the 1990's by William H. Dentzel 3 who still makes small wooden carousels and other animated rides.

Appraisals: Professional summary document includes a photo and valuation for your animal or other carousel art. $100 per animal.

Store: Rings for the ring catching game, Coloring Book 3rd Edition, soon (see free on-line coloring book edition) and larger animals and rides.

Donate: Charitable projects are a vibrant aspect of carouselmaking. Visit this donation site.

News: Events and on-going projects; new animal creations, operation venue set-ups. Short video of recent carousel showing (1 minute 9 seconds) at 2014 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival.

Contact: The Dentzel Carousel Company by phone, 360-531-2812, or email,

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Project Posponed Indefinately: Carousels for Palestine - by the Port Townsend Carousel Association