Census of Dentzel Carousels
5 Generations


Antique Dentzel Carousels (1861-1927)

These are all hand carved wooden carousels on either standing or galloping platform frames powered by large electric motors made by Gustav Dentzel (Michael's son who came by ship with a carousel from Germany to America mid-1800's), William I, and Edward Dentzel (Gustav's two sons) between 1892 and 1926, (some of these machines may also have animals from other makers on them).

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Recent Dentzel Carousels, William H. Dentzel II (1975-1991)

Using his wooden originals, William H. Dentzel II (1921-1991) made molds of his carousel animals and used the fiberglass figures to make a dozen small children's carousels ranging from 6.5 feet to 9.5 feet in diameter carrying either 4 or 8 riders. Aside from these animals which were used on his carousels, William H. Dentzel made numerous other carvings including, large carousel animals as well as miniatures.  Marion Dentzel was a major force and inspiration for the renaissance of the Dentzel carousel spirit; she continues this great work and still lives in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Contemporary Dentzel Carousels, William H. Dentzel III (1981-present)

These are 12, 14, or 20 foot diameter stationary and portable "Flying Horses" Carousels that carry either 5 or 10 riders. They are all hand carved wooden carousels on a "flying horses" type of frame; some with human powered mechanisms (rope-pull, hand-crank, or foot-pedal), others with electric motors.  William H. Dentzel III (b. 1949) also makes individual display menagerie animals, coin-operated single animal rides, and bas-relief carvings (for sale at Elevated Ice Cream Store in Port Townsend WA; read stories of each carousel's construction:

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Last updated November 30, 2015