Gallery 2: Cloud Room

SOLFEST X ! Hopland, California, August 2005

The Awesome Solfest Carousel Crew

Two PV (photovoltaic) panels power the carousel (upper left of photo)

Rides One Dollar

Sunny Hopland Hilltop Site

SLI Children's Play Area

Self-portrait of Carousel Maker

(Shield with Mirror, Example)

Workshop sketches and construction stages for MGR #8,
the world's first and solar powered
"flying horses" menagerie wooden carousel.
It was operating daily at the
Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California

Lead Horse for MGR #8
by Dentzel

Wild Turkey for MGR #8
by Dentzel

Spawning Salmon for MGR #8
by Dentzel

Friendly Skunk for MGR #8
by Dentzel

Cougar (Mountain Lion) for MGR #8
by Arment

Wild Boar for MGR #8
by Arment

Jack Rabbit for MGR #8
by Arment

Jumping Deer for MGR #8
by Arment

Clown Face Ring Toss and Ring Catcher
by Dentzel

Carousel (portable base, on wheels, covered)
with Swan Chariot, Inner Scenics
Solar Living Institute Hilltop Site

Steve Arment, Woodcarver from Enterprise, Oregon
with Bill Dentzel, Carouselmaker and Woodcarver

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