India, Mexico, Olde England and la France

In the pre-Colombian Mexican culture a flying ritual and game was played while spinning from this high pole.  The flying-bird-people are actually spirit travelers sweeping ancient memories out of the sky.

At an Indian fair you can see another version of the carousel. India had many different types of carousels very long ago, the idea probably traveled to the Middle East and Turkey through merchants. In the Middle East it became a cavalry combat trainer, eventually the crusaders brought it to Europe as a big military equipment discovery.  This use slowed down its development for regular people.



The modern day Ferris Wheel also has its origins in old rides made by village craftspersons.  An "Ups and Downs" ride from the Saint Bartholomew Fair of London in 1728.

The royalty of the 18th century wanted to have the fanciest carousel ride possible in their private gardens. This one belonged to a royal French merry-maker, notice the ring catching sticks.  It was propelled by a man pushing a rod connected to the centerpole shaft while walking around in circles underground in a basementlike treadmill space.








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