Carousel of the Olympic Sea
Parts Inventory and List of Drive Options

1. Centerpole (attach to Steel Baseplate on Base):1-12' tall x 9" diameter pole

2. Centerpole Base:2-8' x 6" x 6" beams

3. Centerpole Steel Baseplate:10" diameter w/ 4-5/8" diameter x 20" Steel Tension Diagonals & Bolts

4. Centerpole Diagonal Braces:4-4"x 4"x 24" beams

5. Centerpole Crown Bearing:

6. Ring Bearing (21" diameter):

7. Driveshaft Assembly:

8. Guy Rods:10-5/8" diameter x 10', with hitch pins and washers

9. Sweeps, Wooden:10-2 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 9', 5 with hooks, 5 with tabs (placed alternately, i.e. every other one same)

10. Shield Brackets (attach to end of sweeps):10-2" x 3" x 12", 5 w/hooks & 5 w/o hooks (hooked brackets go on hooked sweeps)

11. Hanging Poles 1 1/2" diameter x 5' +/-:

12. Hanging Chains/Rod (1/4" galvanized):

13. Animals (carry one rider each), all w/glass eyes, some with reins and stirrups:

14. Chariots (can carry two riders each):

15. Shields (attach onto Shield Brackets):10-12" x 16", 5 Mermaids, 5 Angels

16. Rounding Boards (attach onto Shield Bracket rods, fit between Sweep ends, alternate trim colors green and red):10-6' x 13" x 1"

17. Upper Scenic Panels (attach midway between sweeps):10-30" x 15", painted w/Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Mural

18. Lower Scenic Panels (attach around Centerpole Base):8-40" x 60", painted w/Olympic Mountains Mural

19. Brass Ring Dispenser: Stand and Ring Carrier, includes Brass Rings

20. Small Ladder for reaching overhead parts during installation and maintenance

21. Various animal signage on posts

22. Carousel does not have lights (usually low-voltage) although the wires are there for hooking up stationary lights as well as lights rotating with the sweeps (electricity passes through slip-ring commutator located at top of crown).  Carousel does not have sound system, a CD player with speakers mounted in the lower scenic panels is recommended.

DRIVE OPTIONS: One, some, or all of these listed below can be installed.  Presently there is a drive shaft descending from the ring gear to a right angle gearbox on the base.  This is where a motor can be installed or the couplings and shafting for a foot-pedaling devise, or other drive method.

1. Rope-Pull, rope hangs from sweep, operator pulls to keep carousel going.  This is very basic and cannot break down, works better than might be expected.  Can be installed in a matter of minutes at almost no cost.

2. AC Electric Motor Drive, simply turn on and off with a switch from a control box, very simple and makes for easy operation and handling of constant crowds.

3. Foot-Pedaling Drive, one person sits in the pedaling station located just outside the perimeter of the ride.  Pedaling is easy, like a bike, and feels good, quite popular and remarkably efficient.

4. DC Electric Motor Drive with PV Cells and Batteries, this will make the carousel independent of the electrical grid although some knowledge and care of technical components might be necessary.  This kind of system can operate trouble free for many 100's of hours and also serve as a great lesson in sustainable energy use.


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