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November 2007:
Finally Assembly: Carousel is assembled in high school shop, all touch-up painting is completed, all fastenings have been checked and balanced.  Scenic panels are attached.  All assembly points are labeled and assembly process is documented for easy reassembly on site in Waveland, Mississippi.  Carousel is disassembled and stored awaiting shipment to Waveland early February 2008.

October 2007:
Classes Busy:
Students are busy at the Port Townsend high school touching-up and assembling the carousel making sure it is ready for shipment and set-up in Waveland in 2008.  The city of Waveland is busy planning and arranging the reconstruction the town, a site is being officially designated for the carousel.

September 2007:
Agreement Reached:
PTCA president Bill Dentzel signs agreement with Mayor Tommy Longo of Waveland, Mississippi making official the donation of the Carousel of the Olympic Sea to the City of Waveland.  Arrangements are being made to ship the carousel parts to Waveland along with the relief support runs being donated from the Puget Sound area by Hill Moving Services of Poulsbo, WA.  Last load of carousel parts taken out of storage and brought to Bill Dentzel's workshop and Jim Guthrie's shop classroom and Kathleen Burgett's art class at the high school for cleaning, touch-up, and pre-assembly before shipping.

August 2007:
Waveland Decision:
After several weeks of informational exchanges and discussion, the city of Waveland, Mississippi promptly steps up, meets all of the adoption criteria and offers to become the new owner of the Carousel of the Olympic Sea.  Members of the Port Townsend hurricane Katrina relief group and their associates consider providing transportation, a major factor in relocating the carousel, to Waveland.

July 2007:
Several parties, mainly communities in New England, contact the PTCA and begin discussions with the eventual adoption of the carousel in mind.  Simultaneously, local Port Townsend organizers of the hurricane Katrina relief effort hear of the free carousel offer and contact people in Bay Saint Louis and Waveland, Mississippi regarding the donation offer.

June 2007:
Website Developed:
A website is developed to present the Carousel of the Olympic Sea on the internet's WWW, individuals and groups with carousel interests are contacted to look at the website to consider adopting the carousel.  The Carousel of the Olympic Sea is gradually taken out of storage and cleaned up for inspection.  It is also decided that if the carousel is not donated to a qualifying non-profit group by August 15, 2007, that the additional option of selling it whole or in parts to private buyers will also be available, whichever happens first.

May 2007:
Decision to Donate:
After six years of searches and inquiries throughout Jefferson County the PTCA determined that there is no feasible permanent local site available for The Carousel of the Olympic Sea in the foreseeable future.  The carousel must fulfill its mission of serving children and families, therefore it is decided that it will be donated to a similar non-profit corporation which can house, operate, and care for the carousel, not necessarily in our immediate area.

June 2001:
PTCA decides to remove completed carousel mechanism and animals from the high school shop and them put in safe storage while it pursues other feasible site options in Port Townsend and Jefferson County.

February 2001:
Change of Plans:
City of Port Townsend revises its downtown vision and removes the offer of allowing The Carousel of the Olympic Sea to be installed permanently at Pope Marine Park.  The PTCA returns the city's portion of the lodging tax money for the pavilion back to the city.

October 2000:
Bill Dentzel and Claude Bourdin, president and vice-president of PTCA, report to city council of successful summer operation and sale of the Sausalito Carousel to raise funds for the pavilion for the Carousel of the Olympic Sea (which at the time is set-up at the high school vocational arts workshop).

Summer 2000:
PTCA operates the Sausalito Carousel at Pope Marine Park, employing several young adults to manage and operate it.  Carousel operates successfully all summer, giving thousands of rides, up until the Wooden Boat Festival the second weekend of September.

May 2000:
PTCA buys Sausalito Carousel from Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, CA to operate for the summer of 2000 and sell as a fund raiser toward the pavilion for the Carousel of the Olympic Sea.
Approval: The City of Port Townsend approves the temporary operation of the Sausalito Carousel at Pope Marine Park for the Summer of 2000.

February 7, 2000:
Port Townsend City Council approves Lodging Tax funds to help the PTCA operate a carousel in Pope Marine Park.

September 20, 1999:
In a 6 to 1 vote the Port Townsend City Council designates Pope Marine Park a possible location for the carousel.  As soon as $5,000 is raised by the PTCA as a matching fund the PTCA will receive a Lodging Tax grant of $10,000 to operate a carousel in Pope Marine Park for the summer and to assist in the construction of a Victorian-style pavilion to house the carousel.

September 1991 to September 1999:
Hard Work:
Carousel of the Olympic Sea is privately funded and built in conjunction with the Vocational Education Department of the Port Townsend high school and many other classrooms from K to 12 in the Port Townsend School District.  It is operated numerous times in town for the Wooden Boat Festival.

October 1984:
Port Townsend Carousel Association is created as a Washington State, and eventually federal 501(c)3, non-profit corporation with a mission to provide carousel history, education, skills, and operation to children and families.  Planning and fund raising begin to build and operate a "flying horses" carousel in Port Townsend.

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