History of "The Sausalito Carousel at Port Townsend"
An Antique Style, 10 Rider, Foot-Pedal Powered
Carousel now located in Yelm, Washington

American Folk Art That You Can Ride

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Sausalito Carousel and Pavilion
Sausalito Carousel
and Pavilion
Pig & Bunny
Pig &
Frog & Cat
Frog &
Horse 1 & Horse 2
Horse 1 &
Horse 2
Horse 3 & Horse 4
Horse 3 &
Horse 4
Swan Chariot
Ring Catcher & Clown Toss
Ring Catcher &
Clown Toss
Pedaling Mechanism

History of the Sausalito Carousel
In early 1990 the Bay Area Discovery Museum at East Fort Baker in Sausalito, California, commissioned 5th generation carouselmaker Bill Dentzel to build a 10 rider, foot-pedal powered ride as a hands on exhibit at their museum. The design was a scaled down version of America's oldest operating "flying horses" Dare carousel at Watch Hill, R.I., built in 1883. The unique Dentzel foot-pedaling mechanism was the main modification. When the unpainted carousel was delivered to the museum in 1991, children from all over the area helped paint the carousel and set it up for operation. For over 9 years it delighted youngsters and was a noted attraction in the Bay Area. Then changes in the focus of the museum brought an end to the carousel exhibit. Upon hearing about the availability of this carousel, the PTCA decided to acquire it and make it an integral part of their Carousel of the Olympic Sea pavilion fund raising strategy.

For three months a crew of local teenagers operated the carousel on weekends, summer weekdays and holidays, raising money for the Carousel of the Olympic Sea. At the same time a national marketing campaign was underway, advertising the sale of the Sausalito Carousel. The Hunter Family from Yelm, Washington bought the carousel and brought it to their private pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm for seasonal use. 

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