Electric Tools (and band saw use)

You will need the occasional use of these tools, you don't have to own them all.

Jig saw, 3/8' drill w/bits (for dowels and screws, although as a general rule metal is not put into the animal as it attracts moisture and increases the chances of getting rot later on), circular saw, router, right angle drive disc sander which can also carry a chain saw type shaping blade, hard felt wheel and sharpening stone on an arbor, an orbital sander, a hand held pneumatic drum sander, 2½"e diameter (attaches to drill), table saw, jointer, band saw, drill press, thickness planer, edge sander, chop saw, etc.

Band saw use becomes an art in itself for the woodcarver. Much of the roughing-out work can be aided tremendously by using a band saw first. That could be the only big shop floor tool that you will need (a table saw, a jointer and a drill press are close seconds). The most common band saws for sale are the 14" type which are great, you might want to put on the optional extender which make the saw opening a few inches higher in order to handle larger or odd shaped pieces. You will need several types and sizes of blades. Your saw will take a standard length of blade which will be the same for all of your blades, this depends on the saw and if you have the extender. Narrow blades (1/8" & 1/4") are good for thinner wood and tight turns, wider blades (3/8" & 1/2") are better for more general use. A 1/2" skip tooth blade is good for fast roughing-out especially on thick pieces and re-sawing (pushing wood through on the long grain to make thinner boards). 18", 20" and larger band saws are also available, although more expensive, they are great for the big-time carver. Always be sure that your work is resting firmly on the table of the band saw, don't hold pieces in the air as you cut and odd shaped and round pieces need special attention so that they don't kick or slam down onto the table thus either damaging or breaking the blade and/or your cut.


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